Cleveland Browns: Don’t freak out about run game yet
/ Browns

By Dan Justik

The Cleveland Browns offense failed to establish a run game during the preseason opener, but fans should not be concerned….Yet.

One of the biggest takeaways from the Cleveland Browns preseason opener was how bad the run game looked.

Over the course of the game, the Browns made 33 rushing attempts, but only put together 50 total rushing yards. None of the Browns three running backs accomplished much, although Carlos Hyde and Duke Johnson each only ran the ball once.

The Browns first-team offense was only on the field for eight snaps, so Hyde and Johnson are non-factors in this conversation.

But watching rookie Nick Chubb and the second-team offense try to run the ball was hard to watch. No matter if it was an inside run or outside run, Chubb was getting hit in the backfield almost instantly.

Chubb rushed the ball 15 times and gained only 11 yards. But Chubb did gain 26 yards after first contact, which goes to show how little resistance the second-team offensive line put up against the Giants.

But Browns fans should not freak out about the offensive lines run blocking just yet. Yes, the offensive line just seemed overpowered no matter who was in the...

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