Cleveland Browns: Diamonds in the Rough
/ Browns

By Shane Carter

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Looking deeper into the 2018 NFL Draft for some hidden gems the Cleveland Browns can try to unearth with one of their 12 selections

Every year draft analysts and fans alike are all fixated on the 1st-round of the NFL Draft. Which players will be taken first, who’s a first round talent, who will be a star, etc.

Honestly, it can get tiring to only hear about the same names for months on end. I prefer to look beyond the top 100 prospects and find the draft gems. Each year players like Antonio Brown, Tom Brady, Dak Prescott, Shannon Sharpe, Chris Carter, and others like them get passed by for prospects who turn out to not be worth it.

This year is again, stocked with mid to late round pick players who’ve caught my eye this past season. Luckily enough for the Cleveland Browns, they’ve got 12 draft picks and could use some diamonds to help get some jewelry.

A corner on the bit on the small side (5-foot-9, 190-pounds), Reed is a prototypical slot corner who has thrived with the Wildcats in both zone and man coverage’s. He’s a tough, tenacious player who plays from snap to whistle every single play and who’s passion is unmatched by anyone else on the field. In fact, my number one ranked slot corner in this years...

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