Cleveland Browns: Baker Mayfield proved his biggest strength can’t be measured
/ Browns

By Randy Gurzi

While Baker Mayfield turned heads with his play on the field in his debut with the Cleveland Browns, he also proved his greatest strength is immeasurable

By now, every Cleveland Browns fan has been able to reflect upon how great this past Thursday night really was. What made it so good was the simple fact that there is finally some good quarterback play in the Land.

And to be honest, it doesn’t matter where you stand in the debate about whether or not rookie Baker Mayfield should play this season — well, it’s a debate amongst fans as the team seems content to let him sit. The reason that even the biggest Mayfield fans shouldn’t be upset is Tyrod Taylor looked more than capable of running this offense in his lone drive during the opener.

So for the first time in a long time, Browns fans can say with complete confidence we have a starting quarterback. And with Mayfield being a rookie, we have that for the foreseeable future — and a lot of the confidence in him comes from outside the stat...

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