Chris Simms puts out list insulting real NFL quarterbacks
/ Saints

By Roy Anderson

In an obvious attempt to gin up interest for Sunday Night Football and his other interests, Chris Simms put out a sad bit of clickbait attempting to throw shade on quarterbacks he could never be like.

Editor’s note: This is editorial content and does not necessarily reflect the opinions or beliefs of anyone other than its author and is submitted for entertainment purposes only. This doesn’t deserve much time other than to say that Chris Simms shouldn’t be attempting to do any sort of analysis of anything NFL related for the rest of his entertainment career. On Friday, Simms, via Twitter, put out his list of the quarterbacks in the NFL ordered by how good they are in his rather questionable opinion. Maybe it was meant to be funny.

In all seriousness, it appears to have been put together by a Packers fanboy who is on utter and total media blackout otherwise. If you’re not familiar with Chris Simms, he is the son of a man who was a good NFL quarterback, Phil Simms. Chris’ father also has two Super Bowl rings and is a respected member of the fraternity of NFL players. His son is a TV commentator who tried to play professional football for three different...

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