Chris Boucher and the ongoing Montreal basketball project
/ Raptors

By Gabe Nisker

Last Wednesday in Montreal, with 7:07 left in the fourth quarter, Raptors forward Chris Boucher checked in for C.J. Miles in Toronto’s game against the Brooklyn Nets. This would have been a nothing occurrence, save for the fact that Boucher is a native of the city. As he took the floor, it was a moment.

The crowd had already thrown its support behind Boucher after he addressed the crowd—in both English and French—thanking them all for coming out to the Raptors’ second last preseason game. In the bigger picture of the NBA season, none of this really mattered. But still, this? This was something else.

Montreal basketball is a thing now; a press conference about NBA expansion yesterday signalled as much. I don’t know what will come of it, given that the NBA’s on the record about not wanting to expand until 2025, but yes, this is a thing.

And it’s even a thing without the immediacy and large scale of expansion. Last night was a mini-audition, just like the several seasons prior. It was a success but, much like how I don’t know what will come of some untitled Montreal basketball expansion project, I don’t know how much stock there is to be thrown into...

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