Chiefs vs. Patriots: How the Chiefs offense beats New England
/ Chiefs

By Matt.Lane

The Kansas City Chiefs probably won’t see it this way, as it’s certainly not Andy Reid’s style, but heading to Foxborough, Massachusetts, Sunday, they should feel relatively confident in their upcoming game with the New England Patriots.

As crazy as that sounds, Andy Reid has appeared to have a decent grasp on the Patriots defense over the past few meetings, and now the Chiefs are coming in with easily the better personnel.

Bill Belichick and the Patriots always have some tricks up their sleeves and will likely find some success, but it shouldn’t be enough to slow down a Chiefs team that simply can overwhelm the Patriots at every level. The game in its entirety is still anyone’s to win, but when the Chiefs have the football, they completely control the game and should be able to impose their will.

The Patriots haven’t faced an offense near the caliber of the Chiefs this year and some of their opponents were able to take advantage of their lackluster defense. There was plenty of tape to watch down in the AP Laboratory this week to find areas that the Patriots defense struggled in....

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