Chicago Bears Over/Under 3 Aaron Lynch sacks in 2019
/ Bears

By Parker Hurley

Is three sacks in 2019 a reasonable projection for the Chicago Bears outside linebacker Aaron Lynch?

The Chicago Bears getting a full season out of Aaron Lynch in 2018 has to be considered a win. Lynch has always been talented but fell in the draft for questions with commitment.

His commitment level was tested even more when he saw consistent coaching and scheme changes in San Fransisco. Injuries, weight issues, and scheme fits had Lynch close to being on the outside of the NFL looking in when Vic Fangio decided to take a chance on the player that he once drafted.

So, for Lynch to play about 300 snaps of rotational football and gain three sacks is about all the Bears could hope for. With Khalil Mack and Leonard Floyd, Lynch just had to be a depth piece who gave energy snaps and he was just that.

However, now a year improved and with Fangio gone, Lynch still did not have much of a market. Lynch came back to Chicago to hope to prove that he can be a consistent depth piece in the NFL, regardless of who his coach...

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