Chicago Bears Draft Scout: Duke Ejiofor
/ Bears

By Parker Hurley

Is Wake Forest Edge prospect Duke Ejiofor a good fit for the Chicago Bears?

Duke Ejiofor redshirted his freshman year but came along over the next two seasons while at Wake Forest. His RS Junior year featured 10.5 sacks and 17 tackles for loss, leaving some wondering if he was going to enter the NFL draft in 2016. However, he came back, and while he dealt with a shoulder injury and saw less production, posting 7.5 sacks with 17 tackles for loss, it was still a productive year. Where does the RS Senior fall in line with the rest of his draft class and does he fit the Chicago Bears style of pass rusher?


Age: 23


Duke Ejiofor is an upfield penetrator. When he gets a gap and knows where to attack, he is getting there fast. He can show elite closing speed and downhill momentum when he has that space.

This can show well for Ejiofor in stunts and delayed rushes, where he is able to find a gap in the offensive line and explode into it. It gives Duke Ejiofor a floor in the NFL as a run defender. The tackles for loss are going to...

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