Chicago Bears at Miami Dolphins Preview: What to Watch For
/ Bears

By Andrew Link

The Chicago Bears are looking for their first 4-game winning streak since the 2012 season. That feels like a really, really long time ago. The fact that the Bears are in this position, with such a young, controllable team should make everyone feel pretty giddy. The biggest hurdle might not actually be Ryan Tannehill, Robert Quin, Adam Gase, or this Dolphins team at all. History is not on the Bears side in this game.

If we look at the early season DVOA—provided by Football Outsiders—for both teams, this looks like the opposite of the Bucs game. The Bears are 1st in defensive DVOA, while Miami checks in at 5th. The Bears are 17th offensively, with the Dolphins right behind them at 18. This seems like 2 very similar teams, on paper. The difference is that this Dolphins teams is more polished, while the Bears have plenty of room to grow on both sides of the ball. Will the more talented team (Bears) or the more polished team (Dolphins) win this one?

So far through 4 games, the Bears seem to have the slight advantage and this is what I will be watching...

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