Charles Barkley won't let LeBron 'hijack his life,' thinks he's not coming to Sixers
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By By Corey Seidman | NBC Sports Philadelphia

Not only does Charles Barkley not think LeBron is coming to Philly, he's sick of talking about it.

"I'm not gonna let this dude hijack my life," Barkley said as a guest on The Mike Missanelli Show Tuesday. "The whole sports world, we sit around like idiots and worry about where this dude is going."

Say it louder, Charles.

We've already reached silly season with the LeBron rumors and free agency is three weeks away. Check out this latest piece of news out of Akron.

Things are only going to get more ridiculous, folks.

Barkley, though, doesn't think the saga will end with LeBron joining forces with Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid.

"He's not coming to the Sixers," Barkley said. "He's not coming to the Sixers because he needs the ball, Simmons needs the ball and Embiid needs the ball. That would make Simmons useless."

That's not exactly a new argument. It's what the counter-argument to every conversation about LeBron has been around these parts for the last year. 

Any chance LeBron would alter his game to fit in alongside the Sixers' two young studs?

"He's not going to give the ball up at this stage of his career," Barkley said. "He's not a great shooter so you can't play him off the ball. I guarantee you [defenders] would let him shoot threes all night. Guys would love him to shoot threes. ... It would hurt Embiid and Simmons going...

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