CelticsBlog Draft Big Board: Picks 4-7
/ Celtics

By Sam Sheehan

We polled CelticsBlog staffers to give their opinions on what they think the Celtics’ personal big board might look like, asking everyone to pretend they are Danny Ainge. Everyone logged out of their Janos burner accounts gave their best impressions and made their picks. We compiled the results into one single big board, which we will be updating each day between now and the draft. Picks #1-3 can be found here. Alex Kungu and I (Sam Sheehan) will be discussing the picks, and what we might think the implications and thinking might be with each selection, including some additional thoughts from other CelticsBlog staffers.

Today, we will cover picks 4-7.

Sam Sheehan: Kicking off our second installment of the CelticsBlog Staff Big Board, we have Duke big man Marvin Bagley III. This is a little higher than I had him personally, but his high placement on others’ boards isn’t something that surprises me either. He’s an outrageous athlete, and it’s almost scary to see someone as big as Bagley move as fast as he does. In our section on Mo Bamba yesterday, we talked about the role of switching in today’s NBA and a big’s ability to contain. Those concerns aren’t there with Marvin, as he’s got that incredible quickness and could potentially be an elite switch guy at the next level. His incredibly high motor makes him a nightmare on the boards, and we’ve seen how guys like Tristan Thompson can change a playoff series. To me, the question for Bagley is pretty similar to the big question for Ayton. Can he figure out how to play good help defense at a NBA...

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