Celtics/Cavaliers Game 2 notes
/ Celtics

By Keith P Smith

There are no shortage of stories from Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals between the Boston Celtics and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Some of them aren’t deep enough to get their own article, so here are some notes from a wild game:

Both steals came at big points in the game. As is popular to say around the Celtics: they were #WinningPlays.

Brown gets the ball from Aron Baynes off a rebound. When he hits the halfcourt circle in his own end, he makes up his mind he’s taking it to the rim.

Similar type of play in the second half. In both, Brown reads that there is no rim protector back and immediately makes up his mind to go. Despite improvements, the Celtics can still struggle to create offense at times without Kyrie Irving. Stealing early offense like this helps them a ton.

With Tatum struggling to get going early in games, Stevens could put him on the bench and then take advantage with him carrying a second unit that could use some scoring punch.

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