Carolina Panthers fans improve quite a bit in latest fan rankings
/ Panthers

By Danny Jaillet

Carolina Panthers fans are getting the respect they deserve.

Carolina Panthers fans listen up. I have some great news for you. The annual NFL Fan Base Rankings have come out and the Carolina Panthers fans are more improved from last year.

According to a study done by Professor Michael Lewis of Emory University, the ranking of NFL fandoms is based on stats that somehow prove the best and most loyal fans. Carolina ranked in the 16th spot. That falls in line with their improvement of at least three spots from year-to-year.

However, there is room for improvement. They rank 22nd in fan equity and 27th overall in the road equity. Fan equity according to a report from Steve Taranto of 247Sports is “a measure of willingness to spend controlled for differences in market characteristics.” Road equity is “how well they draw while playing on the road.”

To me, Carolina Panthers fans are still a bit too low in these rankings. Especially from the activity I see on this website alone, they are very passionate about football. They are knowledgeable, and are not afraid to criticize their team. They may not be the biggest group of fans, but they know what they are talking about and their football knowledge is impressive. Spending should not be a component in a study like this, so I don’t necessarily agree with that. Even still, it seems like Panthers fans are getting some respect...

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