Can the Dallas Cowboys stop a healthy Carson Wentz?
/ Cowboys

By Michael H. Vu

The Dallas Cowboys spent five of their eight draft picks on defense. But with Carson Wentz returning to MVP form, can Big D stop the Philly quarterback?

On paper, it’s hard to imagine anyone catching the Dallas Cowboys in 2019. The Giants lost their star power in Odell Beckham Jr. The Washington Redskins are starting over at quarterback with a rookie.

Yes, the Dallas Cowboys are returning with high expectations, but nothing in the NFL is guaranteed. The NFC East, for example, is prime entertainment because there’s always a new division winner every year. The only consistency is the inconsistency in the NFC East. And that should worry Dallas Cowboys fans.

The Eagles are looking to return to supremacy, led by quarterback Carson Wentz. The division, as it stands right now on paper, will come down to these two super powers: the Dallas Cowboys and the Eagles.

We could knuckle our way through all the bolts and screws of every single detail between the two rivalries, but let’s be honest here, the matchup between the two franchises boils down to Carson Wentz against the Cowboys...

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