C.J. Miles to do Go Daddy commercial, risk being cursed
/ Raptors

By Daniel Reynolds

Far be it from me to suggest a Raptors player (or any professional basketball player) should not try to secure the bag, as they say. There’s money to be had on the court for every pro baller, and then there is also secondary money to be earned via sponsorship deals and commercials and the like. If you can get it, why not? That’s all fine — really.

But the recent announcement from C.J. Miles, wing sharpshooter for Toronto, that he’ll be entering into some sort of advertising partnership with the inexplicably named internet company Go Daddy is... cause for concern.

There is of course a serious curse to consider here.

Stay tuned- I’ve been dreaming something up and it drops 10.17.18. #followyourdreams pic.twitter.com/1c9ni9f3LF

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