Bye Week Blues: Jets Eyeing Future QB in both Free Agency & Draft
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With no Jets football this week, it is only natural that the fan base and media throw gasoline at any sort of sparking story that comes their way.

With that comes perspectives on the possibility of the Jets adding the recently benched Tyrod Taylor to their squad via free agency next year, and the notion that they are heavily interested in Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen. The light shining down on Josh McCown looks quite bleak if I had to say so.

But with every rumor comes some hint of truth. The Jets are a quarterback away from being a playoff contender, and looking at possibilities for immediate impact is not as crazy as some may think.

But would Tyrod really join the upstart Jets this offseason? Would the Jets pay him? Or is it Kirk Cousins the Jets heavily pursue? Or do we shoot for a franchise-caliber player in the draft?

These questions are piling up, and more so because of the bye week that has the fan base itching for something to eat up. And while they all hold some validity in the realm of the mouths they spew out of, do any of them hold more weight than the...

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