Bucs after Dark: Buccaneers reimagined Game of Thrones characters
/ Buccaneers

By Robert Leeds

As HBO’s Game of Thrones is back in full swing, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers roster has players that resemble those fighting for the Iron Throne in Westeros.

We take a break from coverage of all things Tampa Bay Buccaneers related and the daily grind of the NFL Draft to have some fun. As the offseason winds on and games are not being played on the gridiron, but the newest and last season of Game of Thrones is officially underway.

No matter who you are pulling for to sit atop the Iron Throne at the end of Season 8, all that can hope for in the end is that it is not the Night King. As the Tampa Bay Buccaneers start with offseason workouts, player personalities come back out after a brief hiatus when the offseason began. Much like the characters in the show, the Bucs will be facing long odds this season, but here’s to hoping that they make it to the season finale on top.

What if, just what if Buccaneers players were removed from the pewter and red and thrown into the war for the Iron Throne? Grab your popcorn as we imagine current Buccaneers as charaters from HBO’s Game of...

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