Bucks Gaming secure upset win over 76ers GC to open The Ticket tournament
/ Bucks

By Adam McGee

The Milwaukee Bucks Gaming team pulled off a major upset by knocking off the fourth seeded 76ers GC in the opening game of The Ticket tournament.

Considering their recent struggles, fans could be forgiven for expecting very little of the Milwaukee Bucks Gaming team as they entered the second tournament of the NBA 2K League’s inaugural season.

With seeding determined by regular season standings, Bucks Gaming’s first round opponent in The Ticket tournament was the fourth-seeded 76ers GC, who had already put together a deep run in the season’s previous tournament.

Behind some drastic changes to their starting lineups and their star players’ roles, though, the Bucks were able to upset the odds and pick up a win that will not only be morale boosting, but potentially season-changing for Milwaukee too.

After a week spent scrimmaging with the Miami-based Heat Check Gaming, Bucks Gaming opted for a lineup which saw their long-time center become a point guard, along with other key players shifting to new positions too.

With long-running struggles in the shooting department for Game6Drake in the backcourt, and oLarry occasionally finding himself unable to exert his influence on the game at center, if nothing else, the Bucks’ moves seemed focused around getting the best out of their top two draft...

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