Buccaneers Off-Season Position Preview: Running Backs
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By David Harrison

I started my look at the Buccaneers’ roster situation with the quarterback position. While Jameis Winston is the clear-cut starter there, this time I’m going to dive into a position without a clear starter for 2018.

Moving into the new league year, the Buccaneers will need to make some moves within their running back room to resurrect the hype they were experiencing immediately following their “Hard Knocks” appearance.

In 2017, Tampa Bay was one of just eight teams to run the ball fewer than 400 times. It’s no coincidence they all missed the playoffs.

The Bucs were also one of just six teams to net under 1,500 rushing yards during the regular season. Again, none of them were part of the Lombardi tournament this year.

2017 also marked the second straight season the team ran in for touchdowns fewer than ten times.

There was a bit of an increase in the running game towards the end of the year, but whether or not it will continue into the 2018 NFL Season isn’t something the team should count on.

With plenty of cap space, and solid draft picks, the Buccaneers have all the opportunity in the world to make improvements in this...

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