Buccaneers 4-Round Mock with Trades
/ Buccaneers

By BucsFanForLife242

So I saw a trade on Twitter that sent the Buccaneers picks 21 and 22 as well as LeSean McCoy in exchange for the seventh overall pick and a later round pick. As this scenario is extremely unlikely I'm only going to do one mock on this idea. For the sake of the trade Tampa will send their fifth round pick to Buffalo in the deal. Now let's get on to the mock.

Round 1: Pick 21: Arden Key. DE- Tampa needs an infusion of pass rushing talent at the defensive end position. In comes Key whose talent alone would make him a top 10 pick but he comes with off-field concerns. Key will probably be a situational pass rusher early in his career but at the moment that's not exactly a bad thing to be for this team. Tampa's defensive issues last year stemmed from an inability to get off the field on 3rd downs and a lot of that was due to a lack of pressure. Key becomes a key piece in fixing that issue.

Round 1: Pick 22: Harold Landry. DE- It's unlikely that Tampa would spend back to back picks on the lack of pass rush on the edges but it's certainly needed imo. Landry is similar to Key as he would start his career as a situational pass rusher but should develop into a more all-around defensive end. In addition to this Landry also doesn't have the off-the-field concerns that Key comes with. We look like we got a hell of a new defensive line coach now let's give him the guys to work...

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