BTB Cowboys podcasts: It’s a double-shot of Dallas discussion
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By Dave Halprin

The 75O and OchoLive are in the house. Give them a listen.

The 75O: Allen Hurns Reaction | No. 1 WR | Fixing The Offense

The 75O is back for another episode to help you round out the rest of your week, and as always they’re talking all things Dallas Cowboys. Listen in as 2-time Super Bowl Champion Tony Casillas (@tccasillas) and RJ Ochoa (@rjochoa) hit the latest things going on with America’s Team. The guys get into what’s been said about number one receivers, what Allen Hurns himself said, and how this has been such a long week with a big date against the Jacksonville Jaguars hanging at the end of it.

OchoLive: Dwindling Confidence | Who’s To Blame? | Week 6 Picks

Whaddup World! It’s Thursday which means it’s time for our NFL picks! Before we get there, there’s a lot going on with the Cowboys. Losing has that effect on teams. Check out Thursday’s episode as we dive in on Cowboys fans losing confidence in the team, who they blame it all on, and how this week has felt longer than most....

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