Browns open offseason with NFL-worst odds to win Super Bowl 53
/ Browns

By Thomas Moore

The Cleveland Browns have nowhere to go but up after finishing at 0-16, and the odds are not in their favor when it comes to dreaming of a title next season.

The Cleveland Browns are in the opening stages of the best time of the year for the franchise – the offseason.

That is especially true this year as the Browns are coming off just the second 0-16 season in NFL history, part of an historic two-year run under head coach Hue Jackson that has seen the team lose 31 of its past 32 games.

The Browns are flush with draft picks – 12 in all – and salary cap space – more than $100 million at last count – all thanks to the heavy lifting done by former executive vice president of football operations Sashi Brown.

Brown is gone of course, while Jackson inexplicably remains on the sidelines, so it is up to general manager John Dorsey to execute the next phase of the current rebuilding plan, one that always targeted this offseason as the tipping point.

Dorsey has put together a formidable front office staff that is being universally praised for being heavy on “football guys,” which should make Browns fans eager for what comes next, the climb from 1-31 to an actual competitive team is still going to take some...

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