Brooklyn Nets sign Tahjere McCall and Shannon Scott
/ Nets

By Tom Lorenzo

The Brooklyn Nets announced that they’ve signed guards Tahjere McCall and Shannon Scott. Why do those names sound so familiar? Well, both played last season for the Long Island Nets, Brooklyn’s G League affiliate.

McCall played two seasons at Tennessee State and was named the Ohio Valley Conference defensive player of the year both seasons. Last year in Long Island he played just over 28 minutes per game, averaging 9.1 points and 4.5 rebounds per game.

Scott, who also played in Long Island for the Nets last season, most recently was playing ball in Venezuela. He’s also known for his defensive abilities, having finished second in the G League in steals last season, while finishing second all-time in total steals during his four years at Ohio State.

It is expected that the Nets will waive both players on Monday, however, still retaining their G League rights.

The terms of the contract have not been disclosed by the team, but as these deals are Exhibit 10’s, both players would receive a “year of service,” which means if they are to sign a vets minimum they will see an additional year toward said minimum....

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