Brooklyn Nets 2018 Draft Guide - Fitting the Mold, Part 1
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By Charles Maniego

Who fits the mold? Today, I’ll be covering players that could potentially fit like a glove in the Nets’ current system. In part 1, there are two big, versatile ball handlers that could thrive in the Nets’ “everybody gets to be point guard” system. Two players fit the mold of pure scorers – a skill the Nets need – despite their blistering offense. A final player hails from Brooklyn and could be a multi-positional defensive stopper. Of course, no matter what the position, talent will likely take precedent over any situational fit. As a team that won 28 games last season and 20 the year before, Brooklyn needs to continue adding talent, rather than molding the complementary pieces of a team for next decade.

Let’s go.

Kevin Knox, Wing, Kentucky (CMP: 14.25)

Another player on the long list of Kentucky one-and-done players, Knox’s potentially top-tier skill is his scoring. Likely a combo forward as an NBA player at his stature, Knox excels creating for himself. He operates well from any point on the floor, with a mantequilla smooth stroke from the perimeter and soft touch finishing on the interior. Knox can score in isolation, lulling defenders to sleep with rhythmic dribbles either for a pullup or a strong drive. He can also score within the team context as well, as a catch and shoot threat as well as attacking closeouts. On the defensive end, Knox’s length should be solid enough to guard at least three positions adequately. He may be the type of player that excels more as a pro defender rather than a collegiate one....

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