Brett Favre, Aaron Rodgers, then who? Brian Gutekunst will decide someday
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By Rob DemovskyESPN Staff Writer

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- No matter what Brian Gutekunst does in the short term, his legacy as Green Bay Packers general manager will come down to one thing: Whether he can find the next franchise quarterback without interruption.

It doesn’t have to be this year or next or even the one after that, but at some point Gutekunst will have to find Aaron Rodgers’ successor just like Ted Thompson found Brett Favre’s.

“I don’t think I’m thinking out that far right now,” Gutekunst said last week, less than two months into his tenure as GM. “But yeah, I know what you’re saying.”

Rodgers practically fell into Thompson’s lap in the 2005 draft, but all credit goes to him for taking the quarterback -- unlike the slew of GMs who let Rodgers pass all the way to No. 24 -- even though Favre was still productive.

Ron Wolf made the Pro Football Hall of Fame in part because one of his first acts as Packers GM was trading a first-round pick for Favre in 1992. Thompson made Rodgers his first draft pick as a GM, and it will go down as his greatest move. Mike Sherman, the former coach who doubled as the Packers' GM during the time between Wolf and Thompson, never had to worry about finding the next franchise...

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