Breaking: Jarvis Landry signs franchise tag with Dolphins
/ Dolphins

By Brian Miller

According to multiple reports Jarvis Landry has signed his franchise tag guaranteeing himself at least a $15.9 million salary for 2018.

The Miami Dolphins can no longe rescind their franchise tag they placed on Jarvis Landry. A short while ago, a very short while ago, we wrote about the Dolphins and Landry saga continuing but in a matter of moments, that has changed once again.

The question now is what does this mean for the Dolphins and Jarvis Landry? Here is what could happen next.

1: The Dolphins can no longer rescind the tag so they are on the hook for $16 million for the 2018 season.

2: The Dolphins and Landry could work out a new contract extension. They have until July 16 to get one done. Despite the blood that has spilled over the last month, business is business for both the team and the player.

3: The Dolphins could trade Landry. If the team trades Landry, Landry would not have to negotiate a new deal with that team if he does not desire but he can also not block a trade by asking for a lot more money than he already is. It would be up to that team to take on the negotiations for a new...

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