Boston Celtics: Who would win? The 2008 Champions vs. Kyrie Irving’s Contenders
/ Celtics

By Cole Archer

The beloved 2008 Boston Celtics champions had veteran leaders, a great bench, and a winning mentality, but do Kyrie Irving‘s Celtics have more star power?

It’s been over 10 years since the Boston Celtics brought in banner number 17 for Bean Town (spoiled, right?) and while there have been some solid teams since then, none seemed to have the hype surrounding them that this year’s squad does.

And yet strangely enough, they have little shot at a ring because of Golden State. Regardless though, it’s interesting to see how they compare to a team that won the championship when the competition was a little better – the Ubuntu Big Three.

Firstly, its easy to think that our beloved championship team with a young facilitator, a hall of fame shooter, former MVP, and all-time leading scorer take the cake in this one. But when you look at this current team, the rosters are very comparable in talent.

Let’s start by looking at the starting five.

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