Boston Celtics: The case for trading up in the 2018 NBA Draft
/ Celtics

By Greg Cassoli

The NBA internet was abuzz with the rumor that the Boston Celtics may be interested in trading into the top of the 2018 NBA draft yesterday, specifically with eyes for Texas standout Mo Bamba.

The Boston Herald’s Mark Murphy threw a bit of cold water on such an idea today, tweeting that a league source had told him to not even waste his time on the story.

The validity of Boston’s interest in Bamba aside, trading up in the Draft remains a very real offseason strategy, should the Celtics decide to pursue it.

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The decision of whether or not to attempt to make a move is contingent upon a number of variables. The first and most obvious is the certainty with which the team feels a top pick in this year’s draft will bloom into a game-changing talent.

Securing an early first-round selection likely means surrendering a number of juicy assets, including multiple bites at the apple that is the NBA Draft, in the form of future picks. Boston would be unwise to give up a major haul unless it thinks it’s going to add a significant...

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