Boston Celtics: Marcus Smart finally at the point of compromise
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By Joshua Bateman

Marcus Smart compromising in free agency can only benefit the Boston Celtics

Marcus Smart has waited as long as he can, and the free agent market continues to dry up. Teams have spent their significant money, and it is abundantly clear that no team offered Smart his ideal kind of money.

There is the possibility of signing the qualifying offer for the Boston Celtics, or he will be signing a long term deal for much less money that he anticipated going into this offseason.

In either case, the Celtics are getting what they want. Smart has earned his money and deserves everything he is asking for, but the Celtics have to think about the whole organization and other players that need to be paid.

If he signs the qualifying offer, the Celtics benefit because he will be getting paid pennies, making sure they will not have major tax concerns for a while.

If Smart decides to sign a deal with one of the four teams it is reported that he is meeting with, then the Celtics still have the power to match an offer sheet. Smart is clearly taking a pay cut, so it is hard to imagine any offer sheet being out of the range of the...

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