Boston Celtics: Kyrie Irving shuts down extension talks
/ Celtics

By Joshua Bateman

Kyrie Irving shut down any talks of a potential extension with the Boston Celtics

All it too was one little rumors about Kyrie Irving‘s 2019 free agency, and now he is going to be bombarded with questions about his future any time someone is talking to him. The only way you could possibly put an end to all those talks is with a contract extension, but Irving made it cleare that is not going to happen.

Right now, the last thing anyone should do is look at this as a sign that he is non-committal and wants to leave the Celtics, because it is exactly what every single player should be saying. Keep in mind, Irving is still on a bargain contract, and knows that he is in line for his first real massive pay day.

The Celtics have made it clear that they want him to be a part of their future and is going to get offered the max in 2019. Irving pointed out that signing an extension at this point would mean he has to sacrifice some money.

Irving is at the very beginning of his career, and the Celtics do not need him to take a pay cut to keep this core in tact. Irving has earned every bit of that money, and absolutely nobody should have expected him to sacrifice something with a contract...

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