Blue-jays Noon Rundown Saturday 10/9/2021
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Reacts Results: Playoff Polls

This week’s Reacts poll asked who we were cheering for during the playoffs. By we, I mean all of SB Nation. Jays’ fans might have a different opinion. Personally, I’m hoping for the Brewers. Gotta... - Read More

Today in Blue Jays History: The Donaldson Dash

Five Years Ago Today Josh Donaldson scored from second base on a ground ball to short to win the Blue Jays game three of the ALDS and sweep the Rangers. With the game tied in the 10th inning,... - Read More

The Best and Worst Bang-for-Your-Buck Contracts of 2021 MLB Season

Building an MLB roster is all about maximizing value from the high-priced superstars all the way down to the last guy on the bench... - Read More