Bills PM Rundown Monday 11/22/2021
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Buffalo Bills have pattern of bad midseason losses under Sean McDermott

The Buffalo Bills have a troubling history of losing streaks in the middle of their season under head coach Sean McDermott. They aren’t just losses, either. They are U-G-L-Y losses in most seasons.... - Read More

Snap count notes: Indianapolis Colts at Buffalo Bills

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The Bills/Colts game ended with a unique final score

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Circling the Wagons: Colts stampede Bills 41-15

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Too Many Bills chose Self Over Team

The Bills got destroyed by the Colts last Sunday.  The Colts physically dominated the Bills on both sides of the LOS.  Many are pointing to the absence of the Bill's  best run defender, Star, and... - Read More

Sean McDermott remains confident in Isaiah McKenzie after brutal turnover

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The Patriots trolled the Bills during their loss to the Colts

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