Bill Belichick might just coach until he dies, says Tony Romo
/ Patriots

By Patrick Morgan

Former NFL player and current TV broadcaster Tony Romo recently suggested Patriots head honcho Bill Belichick might coach “until we put him in the ground.”

As Patriots head coach Bill Belichick gets ready to kick off his 20th season at the helm in New England, it’s fair to wonder just how much longer he intends to coach. His superstar quarterback, Tom Brady, has repeatedly staved off Father Time in recent years, stubbornly refusing to let his superb level of play slip even an inch as he continues his quest to play into his mid-40s.

What about Belichick though?

On the one hand, he’s 67 years old, he has eight Super Bowl rings to his name, he’s been working in the NFL in some capacity for almost 45 years, and his legacy as perhaps the greatest to ever do it is already long past assured.

On the other hand though, Belichick – unlike Brady – doesn’t have to worry about his body failing him before his brain does. He’s not out on the field taking sacks and hits from players that weigh 300 lbs or more. He doesn’t have to worry about his arm strength waning, and there’s no better, younger candidate waiting in the wings to usurp his place should he one day...

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