Better to be a Browns fan than an Eagles fan
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By Mike Lukas

The Cleveland Browns may not have a Super Bowl title, but their fans clearly have an edge over fans of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Watching fans of the Philadelphia Eagles trash their own town after the Eagles victory in Super Bowl 52 makes one glad to be a fan of the Cleveland Browns.

Not that any Browns fan would mind winning the Super Bowl like the Eagles did on Sunday by beating the New England Patriots. It was a right-to-the-end match-up that gave Browns fans hope that a similar turnaround is possible.

The Eagles went from consecutive last place finishes in the NFC East, albeit with back-to-back 7-9 seasons, to a 13-3 first-place finish and an upset of the reigning champions, all while using their back-up quarterback, Nick Foles, once their potential MVP quarterback Carson Wentz, went down in December with a knee injury.

It’s an incredible comeback story for Eagles fans to get excited over, sure, but they need to relax – it happens all the time in the NFL.

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On the way to becoming the Super Bowl champions, the Eagles became the 22nd team since 2002 to go from last to first in a single season, according to Edward Lewis of  And if that alone doesn’t give Browns fans the hope they crave, he follows it up with the fact that the 2014 season is the only time since 2003 that a team did not follow-up a last-place finish with a division crow the following...

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