Bengals Noon Rundown Wednesday 9/15/2021
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Bengals News (9/15): Earned an apology

The Bengals earned an apology from a popular media outlet following their Week 1 performance. - Read More

Next Gen Stats - Bengals fastest ball carrier vs Vikings

During week 1 Joe Mixon was able to reach the 6th highest speed out of all ball carriers in the NFL. He was clocked at a blistering 20.66 mph and it took him less than 19 yards to get there. The 5... - Read More

Tannenbaum's Week 1 QB rankings: How all 32 NFL teams' signal-callers looked

Here are Mike Tannenbaum's NFL QB ratings and what he saw on the field under center this week, from Patrick Mahomes' comeback to Aaron Rodgers' rough start. - Read More