Bengals need to make fans ‘believe’ they want to win
/ Bengals

By Emile Pierce

The coaches are in place and the hope of a new season has begun. Now, the Cincinnati Bengals must deliver on the promises.

The aspect of facing another offseason without the playoffs is daunting. After witnessing a run of five-straight years in the dance, Bengals fans are stewing in the aftermath of two campaigns that ended under .500. The biggest disappointment of each season has been the anticipation and buildup before the year starts. It’s been the same old song and dance. Now, after 15 years of the same stale promises, Cincinnati is supposed to immediately embrace the 2018 plan put forth by Mike Brown. It’s not that easy. Fans need something to believe in.

For years, Brown has sat in his ivory tower and looked down upon the citizens of Cincinnati. He has scoffed at Bengals fans and ignored the ideas and opinions of the hard-working people who buy the tickets and merchandise. And because the Bengals won their last two games and knocked playoff teams from the postseason, Marvin Lewis gets “another run at it.”

To be honest, it’s really not enough. But, fans have been duped into believing the promises for so long…it becomes a reflex. There comes a time when the promises have to become reality....

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