Bears Noon Rundown Friday 1/7/2022
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Devin Hester is a lock for the Hall of Fame by 2027

Based on voting trends, Devin Hester will in the Hall within six years. - Read More

Bears Over Beers: Vikings and an Offseason Preview

The season finale of Bears Over Beers discusses the Vikings and the heavy lift facing the Bears front office this offseason. - Read More

On Ryan Pace's Drafting Process

Recently, there have been some good articles on WCG talking about Ryan Pace's performance as a GM. Specifically, his ability as a drafter. I particularly liked this article by Josh Sunderbruch. I... - Read More

Expectation is Ryan Pace will remain with Bears, but some doubt ownership can justify it

While Matt Nagy is undoubtedly gone after the Bears’ finale, it’s Ryan Pace’s future that’s more uncertain heading into Monday. - Read More

Bears Wire Podcast: Is Chicago an attractive destination for prospective head coaches?

On this week’s Bears Wire podcast, we’re looking ahead to Matt Nagy’s impending firing and previewing Chicago’s finale vs. Vikings. - Read More