Are The Redskins And Josh Norman Headed For A Painful Break Up?
/ Redskins

By Gabe Ward

I have enjoyed these last 3 or 4 seasons of a relatively drama-free locker room. It has been refreshing. My entire adult life the Redskins have always had some sort of nagging issue with a player, coach, or front office official being in some sort of petty feud, being disgruntled, or otherwise.

Recently it appeared the team has been on a path that largely avoids such malcontent from making its way onto the field or even getting very far in the locker room. The team is starting to see the emergence of a new leader in Jonathan Allen who will chew into a teammate before he let’s them off the hook for playing poorly. The team actually is trying to adhere to a ‘code of conduct’ if you will. Generally it is the veterans that set this standard for the younger players to follow. That’s is why I find this latest PFT report disturbing.

I work in an environment where myself and my colleagues constantly wear headphones. Music, Youtube, podcasts help get us through the day as be build things on our computers. If our Senior comes into our space and demands our attention to address us the headphones come out without question. I can’t see any reason why Josh Norman, a 7-year veteran, would not pay attention to what the Head Coach has to say during halftime unless he simply didn’t care. We all have our opinions about Jay Gruden but I don’t think any of us would condone a player being so cavalier and disrespectful toward him during a game....

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