Apparently, the Pittsburgh Steelers only have one more shot at a Super Bowl
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By Noah Strackbein

The Pittsburgh Steelers couldn’t find a playoff win in 2017, and now, it looks like they only have one more shot at a title.

2017 went exactly as planned for Pittsburgh. That is until the postseason. No one expected them to lose to Jacksonville, but it happened, and for whatever reason, they ended up watching Super Bowl LII from home.

With Ben Roethlisberger and hopefully Le’Veon Bell returning in 2018, hopes are high. This team should continue to grow, and enter the 2018 offseason as a favorite for next year’s Lombardi.

According to BetDSI, the Steelers should be excited about next season. The top tier sports betting company says Pittsburgh is the third favorite team to win Super Bowl LII, with a +900 chance. The Steelers are only behind the New England Patriots (+400) and defending champions, the Philadelphia Eagles (+800).

2019 isn’t the same, though. Whether BetDSI believes Roethlisberger is retiring after next season, or for some reason all the talent is going away, their faith in Pittsburgh drops.

The Steelers drop to the ninth best odds to win Super Bowl LIV with a +1500 chance. Barely cracking the top ten, Pittsburgh looks to lose their touch after next...

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