Analysis | NFL Week 6 ATS picks: The Panthers should add to Redskins’ woes
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By redskins writer

The Green Bay Packers got trounced by the Detroit Lions, the Washington Redskins were humiliated by the New Orleans Saints on Monday Night Football and the Dallas Cowboys couldn’t score much against the Houston Texans, leading to an overall 5-9-1 record for the weekly prime picks.

You’d be right to label that record underwhelming and call for “fixes” to the model, but the high-edge games from 2017 did well enough for me to weather the storm for the short term. And, as noted previously, this has been a weird year in terms of betting trends, with teams garnering more than half of the money wagered posting a 23-38-1 record against the spread through the first four weeks of the season, the worst win rate since 2003. That’s not an excuse, but it is a fact that helps explain some of the poor performance.

If you aren’t ready to believe in the process quite yet you could always fade the picks. So you see? There is value even in getting things wrong!

With that in mind, here are this week’s prime picks against the consensus point spreads from multiple sports books in...

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