An early mock draft has Celtics landing Zion Williamson in 2019
/ Celtics

By Moke Hamilton

Lately, there have been some reports linking the Celtics to Anthony Davis, but if that doesn’t work out, they may be able to rebound quite nicely with Zion Williamson. That’s if things pan out the way that Bleacher Report’s Jonathan Wasserman sees it in his ‘Way Too Soon’ mock draft that just dropped.

For those wondering how the Celtics would end up with the pick required to select one of the most talked about prospects in some time, the short (and easy) explanation is that they will receive the more favorable of the Kings’ and Sixers’ draft pick in next year’s draft. Odds are, the Sixers will end up with a better record than the Kings, and hence a less favorable pick. In other words, the Celtics will likely end up with the Kings pick, with one caveat: the pick is protected if it ends up first overall.

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