Alvin Kamara deserves more props for his pass protection
/ Saints

By John Sigler

We know that Alvin Kamara can catch. We know that he can run – even between the tackles. We know that he can return kickoffs and score. We’ve even found out that he can sing. But we’re quickly learning that the young New Orleans Saints superstar has another skill: hanging back and picking up a pass rusher on blocking duty.

This clip against the Jacksonville Jaguars was highlighted by Rotoworld and NBC Sports analyst Josh Norris, a smart guy who has been high on Kamara since the 2016 predraft process. Anyway, it’s great to see Kamara adding another skill to his toolbox. While he’s probably best deployed in passing situations as an option to catch the football – or at least run a decoy route – proving that he can ably pick up blitzing linebackers will help keep him on the field in more situations and possibly extend his career.

That’s what helped Mark Ingram get into the starting lineup. We kind of take for granted Ingram’s development; initially, he was useless outside of short-yardage situations, and even in that failed to deliver against the Green Bay Packers way back in the 2011 opener. But Ingram muscled his way into the running backs rotation by working hard to develop his skills as a receiver – running nice routes, reliably catching the ball, and becoming a stronger runner in the open...

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