Alex Smith is still a work in progress with the Redskins
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By redskins writer

When the Washington Redskins traded for quarterback Alex Smith in late January, the people who run the organization were thrilled. Many said he was the player they wanted most to replace Kirk Cousins but fretted that he might not be available. When the deal with Kansas City was finalized in March, the sense at team headquarters was that the steady and composed Smith might be an upgrade over the more emotional and sometimes impulsive Cousins.

Smith quickly won over his fellow players by pushing for first downs at offseason workouts and proving himself a part of the group away from the field. The coaches loved the options his mobility gave them in designing plays. And the team’s owner, Daniel Snyder, was so excited this summer that he gushed, unprompted, “We have a breath of fresh air at quarterback.”

But four games into his Redskins career, the offense has not taken off the way everyone around the team had dreamed. Statistically, Smith has been solid — perhaps better than many think — with numbers that are similar to those he had in San Francisco and Kansas City. His 92.9 passer rating and 65.9 completion percentage are within career norms. His 1,042 passing yards put him on pace for 4,168 — more than the 4,042 he had last year, in what was widely considered his best...

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