A special thank you to the Manimal
/ Nuggets

By Evan Fiala

Everything you need to know about Kenneth Faried as a basketball player and what he brought to the Denver Nuggets can be visually summarized by his very first points he scored in the NBA:

The end of Faried’s tenure as a Denver Nugget, however, couldn’t be any more different.

A key member of the starting rotation since his rookie year, Faried was largely reduced to a bench role the past two seasons. In 2017-18, even after starter Paul Millsap became injured and missed over half of the season, Faried still only played in 32 games - mostly accruing garbage time minutes.

Quietly, on Thursday night, he became the main piece of a salary dump trade along with Darrell Arthur and a small package of future draft picks. Just like that, the most polarizing and memorable member of the Denver Nuggets in recent memory is gone.

It was clear from the very beginning that anyone whose nickname is “Manimal” was going to be a special player. He set the basketball world ablaze with his high flying dunks and non-stop energy. Each rebound he pulled down earned him more love and appreciation from fans who yearned for another Chris “Birdman” Andersen type player in Denver. Faried was that, and then some - but with dreads instead of a mohawk and no...

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