A 'safe play' for Gruden is to not start Haskins Week 1
/ Redskins

By By Tyler Byrum

The instant Dwayne Haskins was drafted by the Washington Redskins 15th overall in the 2019 NFL draft questions arose about the immediate future of the organization. 

The prevailing question: When will the former Ohio State quarterback start for the Redskins?

Several analysts are giving their takes on it. NBC Sports Washington's Grant Paulsen says let Case Keenum start Week 1. Brian Mitchell says that if Haskins proves himself, then it should be his job.  Trevor Matich says benching Haskins in Week 1 is "the best thing the Redskins could do."

This time it's a former NFL quarterback, Chris Simms, giving his opinion on the matter. 

"[Haskins] obviously has talent to, you know, belong as a day one starter, do all those things," Simms said on NBC's ProFootball Talk. "It's just is he seasoned enough? Is he going to be good enough for Jay Gruden?"

And the Gruden question might even be the most important when it comes to Haskins' playing in his rookie year. The head coach is who Simms sees as having the biggest impact on the decision. 

"The safe play for a Jay Gruden, the guy who might be on the hot seat here at the end of the year, is maybe to go with the more experienced guy, like in Case Keenum or Colt...

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