A look at the Eagles trade for Michael Bennett from a salary cap perspective
/ Eagles

By Turron Davenport

In a time when they are supposed to be trimming money from their payroll to get under the salary cap, the Eagles were busy adding to it on Wednesday. They acquired defensive end Michael Bennett and a seventh-round pick from the Seahawks in exchange for wide receiver Marcus Johnson and a fifth-round pick.

In the process, Philadelphia added Bennett’s $7.74 million cap hit to their payroll which is already approximately $11 million over the cap. Obviously, Executive VP Howie Roseman has a plan in place.

The first order of business will be moving defensive end, Vinny Curry. Curry has an $11 million cap hit. Releasing or trading Curry will save Philadelphia $5 million.

At one point the Eagles were reportedly looking to redo Curry’s deal to keep him around. That is no longer likely to be the case. Bennett was acquired to essentially take Curry’s place at a lower cost.

Using the OverTheCap.com numbers, the combined cost of releasing Curry ($5 million) and acquiring Bennett ($7.74 million) will end up being around $12.74 million. When adding in the $555,000 that Marcus Johnson was scheduled to make before being traded for Bennett the total cost of keeping Curry was $11.56...

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