76ers Noon Rundown Friday 5/13/2022
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Say no to the clown  ▒(סּںסּَ` )▒ show!

As a long time 76ers fan, I feel like this organization has had Bozo after Bozo after Bozo, (at the top), running the show for too long; and now, after this embarrassing loss to the HEAT, it's time... - Read More

Joel Embiid after loss to Heat: 76ers have lacked P.J. Tucker types

P.J. Tucker helped the Heat beat the 76ers and advance to the Eastern Conference finals. Philadelphia star Joel Embiid noticed. - Read More

Jimmy Butler: 'Tobias Harris over me?!' - ProBasketballTalk | NBC Sports

After the Heat beat the 76ers, Jimmy Butler said he wished he still shared a team with Joel Embiid then questioned Philadelphia choosing Tobias Harris. - Read More