6 Cowboys players who could make the big jump in 2019
/ Cowboys

By Ben Grimaldi

The Dallas Cowboys have one of the best rosters in the NFL in 2019, talented and deep. If the team gets the expected jump from some of their young up and comers, the Cowboys could become an elite team.

The jump is what NFL people refer to as the improvement that happens between a players first and second year in the league. It is believed that most players make their biggest progress as a player from their rookie year to their sophomore season.

Being around an organization full-time and having a complete off-season to prepare isone of the reasons players improve so much in their second year. Players are also now aware of the size and speed of professional football players. As good as some guys are, an adjustment period is needed.

For the Cowboys, if they get ‘the jump’ from a few key players, it could pay big dividends.

The man they call Wolf Hunter was a Pro Bowl player and made second-team All-Pro as a rookie, so it’s crazy to think of how good he can be moving forward. Vander Esch can still get better and considering he hasn’t played a ton of football in his life, his ceiling is ridiculously high. If Vander Esch makes a big leap this season, he might stake a claim as the best LB in the...

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