6 bargain free agent WRs Ravens could add in 2018
/ Ravens

By Matthew Stevens

The 2018 offseason will see plenty of talk about the Baltimore Ravens needing a wide receiver. While all that focus will be at the No. 1 spot, let’s not forget just how depleted Baltimore’s depth chart was in 2017. With only four wide receivers currently under contract — only two of which started a game last season — it should come as no shock the Ravens might be looking at adding more than one.

In addition to looking for the No. 1 receiver they’ve never had, Baltimore would be wise to find someone that can accompany him. That’s where the bargain free agents come in.

Signing one would allow the Ravens to add much needed depth and fresh blood to a wide receiver corps that is downright dreadful. It’d also allow Baltimore to shed Jeremy Maclin and his $7.5 million cap hit. If done properly, it could be an upgrade for less money per year. So let’s take a look at some options the Ravens will have this offseason.

Injuries have helped derail Brown’s once-promising career. It’s also why he’ll likely receive less attention in free agency than many other receivers with less potential. But if you look beyond the injury issues, there’s a...

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