5 names the Bulls will likely be looking at with the 22nd pick

By Mark Karantzoulis

For most of us, the primary focus heading into the draft has been what the Bulls could do at #7. But at #22, with the first several picks in the draft likely to be dominated by five high-profile big men, the back of the first-round is filled with capable perimeter players. With many of these players being like-sized and having comparable skillsets, the Bulls will need a wide-spanning draft board to cover for a multitude of potential outcomes.

Who will be available for Chicago when it comes time to making their pick will ultimately be decided on those teams picking before them, but here are five prospects to get to know who could be available.

Chandler Hutchison, SF, Boise State

Any discussion about potential prospects for the No. 22 pick should really start with Chandler Hutchison. And if we’re to believe reports that the Bulls may be the team that have given Hutchison a guarantee, the conversation may end here.

Who knows if there is any credence to these pre-draft rumors, but what gives them credibility is the Bulls’ propensity to lean toward players who’ve spent multiple seasons in a collegiate program. Hutchison, 22, spent four years at Boise State and significantly improving over his final two...

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